“David-H is not your typical “press play” DJ. Just when people were wanting more from their live music experiences, David has pushed the boundaries with his interactive, drumming-based DJ performance, delivering a visual and innovative live DJ experience thats reached millions of people worldwide receiving critical acclaim !

A musician from a very young age. Performing as a drummer in a local youth marching band David’s talents were recognised in comprehensive school and before the sweet age of sixteen he had already toured the east coast of USA, north of France and released his first album.


It was the underground ‘House’ music scene from Chicago and Detroit that would ultimately influence and shape David’s love of dance music. Not before time and few unsuccessful bands later, David swapped drum sticks for MIDI keyboards, samplers and the infamous Roland 909 drum machine. Heavily influenced by the British Rave scene, 1991 saw David’s first UK release, a four track EP entitled ‘Engram’.

Recording Artist

In 1996 EMI Records released ‘David H - Passion’, this dance floor hit was written, performed, produced, engineered by David. Remixes courtesy of legendary Tony De Vit . Passion gave birth to David’s own remix pseudonym ‘Pure Seduction’.  After signing to MCA / Universal Music Publishing later that same year David’s Remix work load increased culminating in ‘You Can Do Anything’ by Subway (Greenlight USA) and ‘I wanna come with you’ by Real McKoy released on Arista Records USA.

David is responsible for the club smash ‘Passion’ remixed by legendary DJ Tony De Vit and under the pseudonym ‘Subsola’ David produced ‘So Pure’ remixed by Trance guru Ferry Ferry Corsten. 

Moving to London in 1994, David established himself as a keen record producer, cutting his teeth as an engineer at ‘Mixing Lab Studio’s’ in Wandsworth, South London. During the studio ‘down-time’ David began to experiment, write, produce and remix. A frequent clubber of London’s famous club scene including Astoria & Trade, David’s sound was shaped from this hedonistic vibe !  Teaming up with DJ’s ‘Tall Paul’ & ‘Tony De Vit’ the dub plates were released on a monthly basis, being played in London’s legendary Turnmills sound system.

By 1998 David had a great reputation for producing and remixing quality dance tracks. The pinnacle was the release of ‘So Pure’ under the Pseudonym ’Subsola’.   Championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong and with remixes supplied by Paul Gotel and Trance guru Ferry Corsten, ‘So Pure’ paved the way to the ultimate recognition, a ‘BPI’ Silver Disc Award.  


 David is famous for his interactive Percussion performances.


Regarded as a one of the global leaders original innovators. 

 A quick trip to Ibiza in 2001 saw him stay the season giving birth to ‘El Hombre Timbale’, Spanish translation ‘The Bongoman’. 

The rise of ‘The Bongoman’ took many people by surprise, (including David).


During the 2001 Ibiza season David accompanied every famous DJ and performed in fantastic venues such as Space, DC10 and El Divino.  He was  weekly resident at ‘Manumission’ in the worlds largest nightclub ‘Privilege’. 


David has secured himself on a global stage with respect from world class DJ’s  including Mr C, Fat Boy Slim and Pete Tong who he accompanies on a regular basis.

Establishing himself as one of the world’s best dance percussionists David enjoyed two years residency at ‘Syndicate’ the UK’s largest nightclub situated in Blackpool and a further five years residency in London’s or should we say the worlds most famous gay nightclub ‘Heaven’. 


During the past decade David has continuous toured the globe accompanying world famous DJs performing at some in the most spectacular venues, festivals and corporate events. His reputation as a showman and interactive entertainer has catapulted him to global stardom.



“I’d never allow any other percussionist accompany me.  Everyone else is terrible.

 David is possibly the best Percussionist in the world.  He totally understands what a DJ is doing. He has great natural improvisation skills. David instinctively knows when to play and more importantly, he knows when to stop!”

Mr. C - DJ. Producer. Remixer. Superfreq Promoter.


“What can a I say?  A total professional. Always punctual, reliable, trustworthy. Delivers a top, world class performance, People pay to watch him play. The customers really love him and spend money!  What more does a promoter want?”



“We love booking David, playing twice a month, he has been our resident percussionist for over five years. In every performance he brings amazing energy and passion.”



“One VERY talented man. As a percussionist he’s an absolute DJ’s dream.”

DJ Tall Paul - Former No.1 DJ in the world.

“He makes it look so easy!” - BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong.



 David-H offers amazing percussion performances, accompanying any style of DJ for your event at any destination worldwide.


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