About David-H



David is very proud to know that over the past two decades his contribution to the LGBT+ scene has had a very positive and influential effect.



Living in London during the early nineteen nighties was a liberating experience. The gay scene was becoming more acceptable in open society and David’s curiosity eventually led him to ‘TRADE’, London’s famous weekly ‘After-Hours’ party, held the in notorious Turnmills nightclub.

Raving to the sounds fo Daz Saund, Smokin Jo and Trevor Rockcliffe. It was a certain DJ nick-named ‘Tall Paul’ who David initially ‘clicked’ with. After a few studio sessions with Tall Paul, David was introduced to DJ Tony De Vit ( who, at that time was starting to receive critical acclaim ). 


Every fortnight  David would go to Trade armed with his latest single cut fresh onto a ‘Dubplate’ earlier that same day. It was here where David homed in on his Production skills and started to turn heads.




Very soon David singed a ‘Press and Distribution’ deal with Mo’s Music Machine. Both of David’s imprints, ‘Planet 10’ & ‘Indalo Records’ where being sold in fashionable SOHO record shops, played on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM and being blasted out in and around EVERY cool nightclub in London. 


One night in Trade, a chance meeting with a very keen A&R named Dave Cross was to change the life of David-H.  

DJ Tony De Vit had taking a liking to Passion, as soon to be released David-H track on Planet 10 and Tony wanted to remix it. Witnessing this opportunity Dave Cross soon signed David-H ‘Passion’ to EMI / Feverpitch Records. With remixes by D-Bop, Tony De Vit, Burger Queen and David pseudonym “Pure Seduction’ Passion was to feature on ‘BBC Radio 1 Danny Rampling's ‘Love Groove Dance Party’ compilation album which was award a BBI Silver Disc certification.

You can listen and purchase all David’s releases and remixes from the iTunes Store

After the death of Tony De Vit in 1998

David started working with Tony’s vocalist, Nicki Mac and between them released ‘Estrella’ ( Spanish for STAR ).


David is regarded as possibly THE most successful and famous ‘Dance Percussionist’ on the gay scene.  He has performed at countless ‘World Prides’ including London and Brighton.

His fame started one afternoon whilst performing at ‘Tonic’ on the legendary Terrace of Space nightclub in Ibiza. A chance booking accompanying the dynamic duo of George and Steven, professionally known as ‘The Sharp Boys’ was an opportunity that changed everyones lives….!


After his return from a very successful season in Ibiza, The Sharp Boys invited David to accompany them in their ‘Royal House’ night held in London’s famous ‘Heaven’ nightclub. So successful was the relationship and sound of David accompanying the Sharp Boys that bookings hit the roof and they were being asked to perform up and down the UK.


The Sharp Boys introduced David to Craig Elder the owner of the Orange group and thus a working relationship that saw David perform at every party held in FIRE & AREA spanning over a decade began.


As David’s notoriety began to rise so did the level of his performance work. A regular of both London and Brighton Pride David certainly knows how to rock a party and engage with the crowd.

Brighton Pride

London Pride


Performing twice a month at ‘Popcorn’ David held down a solid five years residency in the worlds most famous gay nightclub ‘Heaven’

On the circuit David was accompanying DJ Alan K who in turn introduced him to Chris Selby, the promoter of Heaven. Immediately they hit it off and very soon David was the on main stage accompanying DJ Alan K as the ‘Jewell in the crown’ of Monday night Popcorn in Heaven. 


In 2012 after successful winter tour in Malta David founded and co-promoted WRONG! This hedonistic after-hours event  located in Vauxhall South London is still the capitals longest running all nighter. 


It was here with co-promoter Jamie De Rooy that David amazed clubbers with his simultaneous DJ & Percussion skills.

European Snow Pride

Since 2017 David is both very proud and excited to be a part of the amazing European Snow Pride. 


Held in the beautiful ski resort of Tignes, France, this annually event attracts customers from all over the world.


Every afternoon David accompany one of the ESP DJ’s alongside a saxophonist an vocalist.